Cateno is an innovation driven Business Development Company

Cateno is built on a 20 years’ experience in the textiles industry offering relevant know-how with many materials, many techniques and applied in many markets.

Kris Coen

Business Development

I started Cateno because I have a strong belief that better technical textiles can be made by combining (existing) materials and methods. New possibilities become apparent when you are not limited to the technology of one company but when you instead consider every material and every production technique available. This is where Cateno comes in.

I have 20 years of experience in the technical textiles industry and have been involved in projects using many textile techniques, many materials and operating in many markets. This long-term experience allows me to understand Customer needs, the economics of market sectors, sourcing the right material(s) and production method(s), to find the most reliable partners and to make a team with every stakeholder involved. My business concept offers a unique valued proposition for both producers and end-user.

Team Member
Everything new

Cateno is an innovation driven business Development Company. New materials are developed by making new combinations of materials and/or techniques and existing materials can be adapted for new applications. Speak to us to ascertain the core competences of Cateno and the focus of our projects. Contact Cateno if you are interested in cooperation.

Not limited to one material or one technique.

If you are looking for a new material, you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the technical textiles you are using today or you have a completely new idea, then Cateno is not limited to one material or production technique. We are able to identify the most suitable material and production technique and to bring the best partners together.

Open to different ways of working

You want to use Cateno’s expertise for your R&D-projects or boost your business development? Cateno is open for interim projects with full confidentiality guaranteed. Contact Cateno if you interested in cooperation.

Distribution partner

Cateno also distributes innovative and performance materials which are complementary with the development activities. Contact Cateno if you are looking for a distribution partner.


Vast experience meets
ambitious vision.

Material know-how


Production techniques

Weaving, Needle felt, Spunbound NW, 3D materials, Coating, Lamination, Knitting, Tufting, ...

Market know-how

Agrotech, Geotech, Buildtech, Hometech, Indutech, Oekotech, Packtech & Composites

Management skills

Product, sales, marketing, business, people


Multiple new products & concepts



Speak to us to ascertain the core competences of Cateno and the focus of our projects.

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